..a turn of events turns us upside down

We came home from France after walking Paris’s pavements down and in a way – before we even knew it..fell into our usual life.  But curiosity called and the internet was available so you know how it goes..  Plus I got a list of who in the world needed house sitters for how long etc so e-mails came from Japan to Sweden..and France.  And then I looked and found someone who lived on one of the Chanel Islands and who wanted someone to take care of his 14 hectares in the countryside just outside Dinan in Brittany.  I had seen the advert before and without really meaning anything – I sent of an answer to the ad asking if he had found someone.

It came back …”no, not yet……..you interested?”

And suddenly we were!  Or were we?  It’s HUGE I said, and promptly resorted to the Internet for more info.  “It’s beautiful,” I told my patient husband “just like a village in an Asterix book.”
“Ask what it involves,” an ever practical response.  It involved living in a little cottage by a lake in a 14 hectares piece of Brittany.  It involved walking through the woods which took up a good portion of the land and maybe cutting a path through it so that the wildlife could be appreciated.  It involved cutting the lawn and a pasture with a drive on mower and planting whatever we felt like wherever we felt like.  It involved just “being there”, all we had to buy was food, the rest was taken care of.

Are you kidding?  Is that all?  And then a reality..we have two small, furry mutts. Question to said man in Channel Islands, “we have two small dogs….we can’t leave them behind.”
“Well bring them then, I’ll fence a bit around the cottage so that they’ll be safe.”
My word – who is this man…A fairy Godfather?
And the decision was made!


About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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