the beauty of ice and mud…and shopping!

It’s been really chilly with the most amazing frost and a smattering of snow…just a smattering…nothing really landed on the ground…just settled on the roof of the main house across the lake.  We went for our usual walk with the mutts…I’ve given up hoping like heck they’ll somehow remain clean. Now I’m able to laugh at them when they dive straight for a stream, chase carp in the lake and deliberately aim off the grass to walk through the mud.  They come back two-toned…one is fluffy white on top and wearing pitch black boots.  The other one…being a little shorter…looks like a brown/beige bear wearing dungarees as the mud comes half way up his body.

But the other day, we took a walk with the frost thick on the grass and wooden fencing.  All the puddles and mud had frozen and trapped air inside, turning each puddle into an icy artwork of swirls and patterns embedded with autumn leaves.  I can’t describe it in words too well, I just wanted to capture it and paint it…but I decided to ask the keeper of the camera to take a photograph instead and that’s just what he did.   The further we walked, the thicker the ice and frost and when one puddle was cracked to inspect all things beautiful underneath, we discovered it was just over a centimeter thick…it held Ted’s weight as well…a whole 20 kg’s!

We eventually plucked up enough courage to go into Rennes and brave Ikea once again.  Our fist visit to go to Ikea was to put it mildly, a disaster.  This is a shop where we were given the go ahead to shop for anything we needed to make the old bakers cottage a home.  It contains everything you need from cutlery to linen and curtains, office furniture to stunning kitchens and everything in between.  The furniture is in “kit form” , incredibly designed and so easy to put together. walk for miles through bedrooms, offices, kitchens, baby’s rooms, children’s playrooms, libraries, walk in is mind blowing.  Unknown to have to take down codes of everything you like, give it to a central sales desk, collect the “small items you want with a trolley  then go down a series of aisles in a warehouse and collect the bigger stuff…doors here, shelves there, sides of wardrobes over there…packets of screws and doo-dahs along there.  We got SO lost.  We did our exercise of a daily dose of 10 000 steps for about four days…and came back home feeling thoroughly dejected, confused, not to mention just a little “thick” (bear in mind…we never knew any of what I’ve just described on our first visit!)

Thank heavens for the Net..I Googled “how to shop at Ikea” – yes, they do have that info…and with notes all in place, codes all neatly written, lists by the sheet and my brain vaguely in gear and a bit of Tass’s “Pet Calm”  -yes it IS good for humans’s too..and I didn’t have anything else, we set off.     Easy Peasy!  Once we knew how to do this more or less totally self service shopping it was a piece of cake.  The French assistants were amazingly helpful, tried their best to speak English and laughed at themselves and at us.  We came home with Anabel packed tight, put a few of the things together – like an amazing art desk for my “Arty Corner” and a new microwave cupboard for the kitchen and a corner kitchen unit as well.  Our house is beginning to feel like home and with family and friends photo’s and odds and ends on the way, it will definitely have a soul.

I look forward to that..and I miss you all
Keep in touch one way or another

A la Prochaine


About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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4 Responses to the beauty of ice and mud…and shopping!

  1. Gitta says:

    I was just wondering when you were going to write more:) it all sounds like alot of fun:) i hope it will snow for you soon=) and those pick are lovely. Please tell the Keeper of the camra, that he takes great picks:)
    Lots o love,, and still missing you both so;)


  2. M says:

    Will do Sweetie!!! Missing you all too but so glad there’s Skype!!!! love you extramuch xxxx


  3. Leanne Murray says:

    Hi M and M,

    Came across your blog on facebook and have spent the last half hour reading up all your news, it sounds like heaven on earth, slightly jealous here.
    Love the photos as well, they’re brilliant.

    Well Marc and I have found our little home at last in Durbanville and he is deeply transfixed in his new job and we’re counting down the days to Christmas, New Years, moving into our home and our wedding, where I’ll finally be able to wear my beautiful dress which you helped turn from a dream into reality.

    I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis and living your dream with you.

    Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.



    • M says:

      Wow Leanne, how wonderful to hear from you! Thanks ever so much for reading the blog…yes, it;s lovely here, chilly, but beautiful…I REALLY need to learn some more French!!! You must be getting so excited and we really are happy for you both – with a lovely new home to get settled into and start a wonderful new life together. We enjoyed living in Durbanville – there’s so much not far – wine farms, mountains, the beach…gorgeous.
      Please send us photo’s of your wedding..or pop them onto MCouture on Facebook.
      Love to you both and have a great holiday time…
      Us xxx


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