Miz weather versus miz me….

You know those days?  Two things I’m not too keen on doing…looking on the negative and crying.  Neither helps too much and each one tends to fuel the other BUT having said that with all the bravery I can muster…life happens and I do both things, hopefully infrequently.

I had been feeling “out of sorts” for a few days and the weather, which has been blowing across from the UK making it the wettest winter and coldest Spring in 43 years or so I’ve been told, wasn’t helping.  And then the other morning I woke up with Ted as usual having asked the husband for a lift onto the bed, had climbed onto my stomach and sat there staring at me.  I looked past him and out of the window to a silvery lake, soft green spring leaves, misty sky and the steady drip of rain and that was that.  I curled into a ball and decided I’d take a “duvet hour or two” and single-handedly worked myself into a negative mess.  The dear one found me in said position, could see the cloud hanging over my head and did his best to put things into perspective..which worked wonders but caused an indulgence of tears while I worked it all out and took his words to heart.

So – I got out of bed and went downstairs to put the bird feeder out (we have a resident field rat who loves swinging on the feeder at night and stuffing himself silly).
To my horror, I heard…”Oh ‘Ello, Zere you  are!”  Now you have to see it in your head.  There I stood in the drizzle, teetering on tiptoes in the wet grass holding the swinging bird feeder,  in bright pink slippers with embroided flowers on them, a short pale blue night shirt with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet sitting in some bright flowers and “Sleep tight” wishes scrawled at the bottom, a shiny pink nose,  watery eyes and hair that was standing all over the place.  And staring at me were three people I hardly knew.  Fortunately the “out of sorts” feeling came with a certain amount of vagueness so the shock was wrapped in cotton-wool an served warm.

With as much aplomb as I could muster, I dashed inside, found a gown and offered tea and coffee with such finesse even the Queen would have been impressed.  So I sat in my pink slippers, thick white velour gown and pink nose and learnt that they had come to see how we were as they were in the area.  One had just had two pet chickens die, one in her arms, then her guinea pig had to be put to sleep and two days ago her cat was put to sleep as well.  She got tears in her eyes.  The other one took one look at me, told me a bit more about herself and also got tears in her eyes.  The elderly one was hard of hearing,  needed a walking stick and just looked sympathetic and a little confused.

And so I realised once again that we’re all in the same boat one way or another and looking on the positive and having people that care IS the best fix of all.  Turns out I had an allergic reaction to Vitamen D (didn’t know you could have but I’m not to he only one it seems) and after not taking it for a few days, life looked much better.  I’m holding on to the vagueness a bit longer, it helps as an excuse for doing blonde things….

By this time, the sun had decided to make an appearance and the dear one decided that a good way to cheer  up was to shop for hanging baskets and spring flowers so we did just that.  Later in the afternoon, armed with potting soil, flowers and all the necessaries, we hung two beautiful pots on either side of the front door.  As the sun went down, we looked across the lake and saw the Coypu’s (European beavers) on the bank…and with them…six little dark blobs the size of guinea pigs….they had babies!!!Wild Primrose Path

Deer can be seen more often in the fields and the moorhen is building a nest in the reeds.  The cherry tree in the garden is in full pink bloom  and the newly planted herbs have settled in.  So the footpath to France had a few stones in the way but it’s looking clearer and there are now wild primroses growing along the edge.  It’s looking positive again.

A la prochaine


About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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6 Responses to Miz weather versus miz me….

  1. valerie dunne says:

    Aah Moraig ! Glad that is over ,but have to say that sounds just like me sometimes and I can’t blame Vit D.? At least you are not just being a misery for no reason ! That world you are in sounds just beautiful ! We have hit chilly weather and it is blustery. Good old Cape Town. Love to both of you.


    • M says:

      Hey Val! Lovely to hear from you! I’ve decided you don’t need a reason…it’s just the way it it so Sending a hug when you have those days!! Keep warm and love to you and the Family. xxxx


  2. Gitta says:

    aaaaa Moogy, Here is a Big, HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Caro Nel says:

    Aaah Moraig, never mind the weather as long as you and your dear one are together.
    We are heading into winter and you know how that can be! You have got spring to look forward to and what’s more NOTHING has changed here, so don’t feel sad and be assured that you are mising nothing here.
    Big hugs 🙂


  4. Aaas now I answered my own question about the baskets pot plant holders!! Hope you are feeling much much better….lots of love and huge hugs Shell

    Sent from my iPad


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