Murphy’s Law and Ted

Well!  If it doesn’t rain it pours!

Can you just believe this!  No sooner do we “oo” and “aa” and decide to accept the idea of leaving France (which we both definitely didn’t want to do but there comes a time when sometimes decisions are made for you) and heading off to the Cotswolds when I get a message on Facebook from a friend I’ve known since I was about eight and he tells me that a friend of his is looking for an English couple to take care of his house in Normandy.  The Owner would like to chat to us and could we please phone.  The Dear One dutifully does just that, they hit it off immediately and after said phone call and a couple of e-mails, the job is ours if we would like it, complete with beautiful cottage, salary to match what we’ve been offered in the UK and the prospect of starting a small business off the property as well.  Cool beans…we go and check out the website to see what we’re in for as the house is rented out on occasion and we would need to take the laundry etc into town to be washed and ironed.

We should have had a “vague” idea when the owner of the “House” is Financier to the Queen…..we should have had an “inkliing” when he said he rents it for EU 7500.00 per week and that the Beckhams had come to stay etc.  But no, the two of us, typical country bumpkins sit together and open the website and this is what we see:

Chateau Edouard  Now Really!!  And it only sits on  50 hectares, part of which is woodland and another,  Eco-orchard of apples from which Calvados is made. The rest is landscaped gardens

So much does he like the idea of us being there, he’s willing to wait the 3 or 4 months “try-out: period that we have in the UK…if we like it there and can’t see ourselves moving, he’ll look for someone else.  Otherwise, the job is ours. in January/February.

Mmm, will have to have a think about that, the move to the UK has been a bit of a mission and even though I have been a misery over leaving our little cottage and Dol-de-Bretagne, part of me – a small part – is looking forward to the freedom of speaking a language that doesn’t make my brain ache as I search for the right tenses and words.

We were all set to go, ferry booked, B&B booked (just to take our time getting to the farm and exploring a bit on the way)  and I had booked the vet the correct hours ahead of time to get the mutts de-wormed and to get them each a proper “EU France  Passport” (which looks just like a human one but it’s blue with the EU Circle of Stars on it!).  Off we went to Combourg because the vet speaks English there and horror of horrors, the SA Vet had, for some reason, put the rabies injection as only valid for a year from July last year.  Why only a year?  Not a clue.  What does this mean?  The mutts have to have a booster shot and can’t travel for 3 weeks!!

So there you have it.  On the day we were do to leave (early this morning) the husband went without me.  The new people are moving into our cottage either today or tomorrow and after cleaning it from top to toe, I moved into Moulin Corbonnais down the road.  Our very dear french friend who lives in Morocco very kindly said we could stay here for a bit.  It’s worked out very well actually.  His house is on the market and a couple are wanting to come and see it this weekend so I can be here to show them around and air the house before they come.
Then the owners of the main house next to our cottage are coming over to meet the new couple and have told me to please move into the main house once they leave.  I’ll stay there for most of the three weeks.  The dogs know the house and so do I and, as they have explained, it’s good that I’m on hand to show the new couple the ropes and where everything is if they get stuck.  Plus there’s an enclosed garden and the mutts will be secure.  So here we are “Lost in France” as Bonny Tyler once sang.Ted

On a sad note, those of you who know Ted (and to know him is to love him) will know that, apart from being beaten with a bat on his upper spine in his previous life, he’s also a Spina Biffida mutt with a hole in his spine and weak back legs.  His tablets and ultra sound machine has gone off to the UK and we were so delighted he hasn’t needed it for so long – only once since we’ve been here.  All of a sudden, he collapsed and started to cry when he tried to get up.  We had the same scenario that made us take him to the Chiropractor in SA all over again.
Out of sheer desperation and after reading up a bit on the Net,I gave him quarter of a anti-inflammatory that I took once and as he started to relax, I massaged his little body with aromatherapy oils and arnica.  He’s doing much better but I’m glad I’m here with him and we didn’t give them to friends to look after for three weeks!  My poor little man, he’s such a dear dog and licks my hand when I try and help him.  Between him, leaving the cottage and having the husband leave…kleenex tissue shares went up just a bit.

Before I go – I can’t work out how to let you all know when I reply to any comment you’ve made.  I try and reply to everyone because I love reading your words and I hate to think you never see the reply and think I’m ignoring you!

So please, come back every now and then and see if there’s a reply,,,in the meantime..I’ll try and see if there’s a way of letting you know when I’ve commented back.

Bientot, A’la prochaine


About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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14 Responses to Murphy’s Law and Ted

  1. Penny MacKenzie says:

    We are SSOOOO sorry for you and poor lil Ted. Give him a big doggy hug from us. Penny and Gordon MacKenzie


  2. Caro Nel says:

    Big loves for Ted. Oh my decisions decisions, Normandy looks unbelieavable !!!!!


  3. Janine says:

    Ah dear friend… hugest hugs for you all. Lots of happy for you but lots of shared interest in Kleenex too. Love and more love to you see? Nini xxx


  4. valerie dunne says:

    Oh my goodness me. ! What excitement and what a decision to make. ! That gorgeous Chateau is amazing ! Then again you might just LOVE England ? Sorry about Ted ,poor little chappy ! Facebook always let’s me know if you have responded. Love and kisses


  5. I was so pleased to see your post!! I tried to skype you today one last time before you leave but was too late. I hope Ted is feeling better by now….lots of love to you both with all of your decisions xxxx


  6. Marion Fuchs says:

    Wow, that now news again.Well, we are really waiting with abated breath, what’s happening in the next few month.
    So sorry to hear about poor little rascal Teddy, can well imagine your heartache.
    Shed lots of tears yesterday 26.9. it was just a year that we had to have Adi put to sleep, I could have shared lots of KLEENEXES with YOU.


  7. Tony Henfrey says:

    ….and just when you thought it was safe to leave France!


  8. Lynda says:

    oh no shame man…poor little Ted, hope he is feeling better now and that you are too! sure the time will fly and you can be back with your man as well and start your new adventure 🙂 but isnt it strange how life works…just when you think its all done and sorted, and decisions made, its not!! sorry we didnt get to chat this week, but let me know if you going to be online while you still in France and we can have a coffee 🙂 take care my friend xx


  9. Karin Duncker says:

    i see your adventure continues. How very very exciting but so sorry to hear that Ted is suffering again. He was doing so well. I hope you will soon consider writing a book or perhaps even an illustrated childrens book from the eyes of two fluff-balls.


  10. Bev says:

    What a blast maybe England will represent ‘change is as good as a holiday’ and then you can go back to France…….no need for a decision as yet. Love from Bev


  11. Dawn Haupt says:

    Glad Ted is doing better! Not great to handle all that alone! However, how exciting which ever decision you make -And wow !! the (cant call it house) – palace in Normandy is quite something – All the best with your choice !
    Lots of love
    Dawn xx


  12. Deblet says:

    OMW life sure is interesting for you over in France.I do hope it all works out and you are happy wherever you end up.
    Poor little pooch seems quite a sweetie,hope hes feeling better soon.


  13. Mick Hardwick says:

    Hi guys, welcome to the little island. Can you email me with your contact details as it sounds like you may not be around these parts for long. Address is We really need to meet up. Cousin…..


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