Well when things go pear shaped they do indeed go wrong!

We thought we’d got most things covered as far as the mutts go and going off to live in the UK.  Ok so things didn’t quite work out with the mutts and I am still here in France waiting for the required “three weeks after a booster rabies injection” to be up before I go and join the Dear One.  I never bargained for the roller coaster ride in-between!

I waved the Dear one off two weeks ago, cleaned our dear little cottage and carried all the “mutts and me” paraphernalia including bits of left over stuff from the fridge and food cupboard down to Moulin Corbonnais where our French Friend who is working in Morocco kindly let me stay.  The couple taking over from us, together with the owners of our cottage arrived the next day and we all we all went out to dinner.  The owners were only staying two nights so told me to please feel free to move into the main house as I was more familiar with it and I could be around to show the young couple the ropes and introduce them to Anabel.  I did just that, lugging all said paraphernalia back again.

I’ll say the rest all in point form as it makes life a little more compact:

–          Husband HATED the job after the first day and everyone else that works there is just as unhappy.

–          Couple in our cottage are too scared to drive on the left hand side of road

–          Husband gets followed around all day being asked what you doing and why you doing it.  A fact that doesn’t go down well…pretty much like a lead brick!

–          Couple here are nervous of Anabel, have arrived thinking they can get a job easily as well as carry on earning money as they did in the UK by “gambling on-line”

–          It’s autumn, tourists are gone, and the rurals of France are closing up for the winter – no jobs available and France has laws about on-line gambling.  It can’t be done easily.

–          Owner at farm is a hoarder, every inch of the house is lined with piles of paper and when the Dear One tried to throw away the over 1000 plastic containers that plants and seedlings come in, she hit the ceiling and said “Nothing and I mean NOTHING gets thrown away!” No, as he learned, even dead lavender flowers (dead, not dried) are questioned!

–          Couple here run out of money

–          Husband runs out of patience, after all, how do you clean up a garden and estate when you can’t throw anything away?

–          The couple are leaving tomorrow to go back to the UK.

–          The mutts and me are moving back into our cottage – taking all paraphernalia on yet another constitutional around the area and back to where they started.

–          Husband is putting in resignation tomorrow as well and will work the month out till the end of October.

An eventful two weeks indeed! In the meantime, I have been chief taxi, pacifier and listener to this poor couple who I really don’t think thought the whole thing through at all but where overwhelmed with the idea of living in France at the age of 23.  It’s very sad.

In amongst all of this, the Dear one took a trip to London to meet the owners of the Chateau in Normandy and they all hit it off very well.  The best thing is that he past the “Doggie Test” as their mutt crawled onto his lap and asked for a tickle.  I think at that point, we pretty much got the job in Normandy and we start there on the 1st of January 2014 but we’ll drive the 2 hours there to meet the Owners and see the cottage. Estate manager's Cottage

The nice thing is as that

a) we will have a salary

b) we have a 2 bedroomed cottage (photo attached) and a garden

c) it’s busy 14 weeks out of the year and we are free to build up a business as well – if we want to cook a meal for the guests, they pay that separately, if we want to offer them a garden tea, an alfresco meal or picnic etc – that’s all separate and part of our business which we can either grow or not depending on how we feel.  The rest of the time we’re free to inject love and care into the 60 hectare property.

Even better is while we are learning French properly and taking it more seriously, there is a large community of English speakers who we will fit in really well with just 45 minutes’ drive away and we can meet them all two or three times a week which is fantastic.

But, it’s been a dreadful two weeks and to put it mildly, we have been more than a little stressed out.  I would rather enjoy life with its necessities and be in the country, than take on a job that I would dread getting up in the morning and even though France means getting one’s brain into gear and knuckling down to learn grammar etc, I would miss it terribly and I’m glad we’re staying.  I will miss the Husband though..two weeks down, two weeks to go….and a Wedding Anniversary in-between!  How rude!

While I’m on the subject of worries and things, I have to stop at this point and say a very big thank you to you all.  I know that each of you have worries too and I was so unbelievably touched at all the comments that came in about Ted and his back. That you took the time out to write a few words or send a mail meant so much  From the smallest comment to the lengthy one, each of you added a soothing stepping stone on this footpath to France and I can’t thank you enough.  Ted is so much better and he is now walking normally and playing a bit with Tass (he still waits at the bottom of the stairs to be carried up though).

I’m thinking of you all and I’m hoping your road is going well.

Take care
A la prochain


About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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9 Responses to Pear-Shaped!

  1. Lynne says:

    Thanks for all the news we have been thinking of you all. Sending a longer e-mail separately. The cottage looks great and good to know things have worked out even if you have had a rough ride! XXX Little Barn Will have a celebration drink for you this evening!


  2. valerie dunne says:

    Oh goodness me. Poor lamb ! What a disaster !! So wish the Normandy situation will be wonderful !! Aren’t people strange. !! So chin up. The best is yet to come I am sure. Lots of love and miss you always.


  3. Oh my goodness!! This puts a whole new slant on stress… guys have really been through a lot…I am glad that you did not move lock stock and barrel before you found out how awful the new job is….I am thinking of you and the dear one!! Will try to skype in the next day or so and wish you a happy anniversary in person….lots of love and extra hugs from us all xoxoxo


  4. Marion Fuchs says:

    Wow,now lets just hope the new job is working out fine and you can settle
    without further trouble in your new surroundings.Has been a rough ride so far, but everything works out in the end, as it always does.Maybe Teddies sickness was a blessing in disguise and I think everything happens for a reason.
    Good Luck and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, although it will be this year withouth the”;DEAR ONE”.CELEBRATION CAN FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Deblet says:

    OMW what a hectic 2 weeks you have had.But in the end very glad things seem to have worked out for the better.


  6. Karin Duncker says:

    Isn’t life just so quirky. And how things have a way of working themselves out. The new cottage looks gorgeous, and I’m sure its just waiting for you to life the story.


  7. Tony Henfrey says:

    Imagine if you had cut and run to the Cotswolds only to have nothing to fall back on…just as well that Ted was ill to save you the trauma. You’ll just have to get the French sorted and hopefully you have a cong nearby.


  8. Bev says:

    They say: If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Thank goodness for alternatives!


  9. Frances says:

    With all the drama and stress you still made it. Things happen for a reason and I’m glad it worked out in the end. You seem happy in France and had some good laughs with the skirt caught in the pantihose Hehehehe……….. etc.
    The cottage looks nice and I’m sure you and Mark will create some good memories. Jen sends all her love and a special Maggie hug for Mark. She still misses you and love you lots. Keep well until next time.


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