Ted in Disgrace

I’m sure I’ve spoken numerous times of Ted.  We bought two dogs with us from SA,
Tass who we had from a pup – a cute, Maltese terrier type white, aloof  girl who has subsequently turned into a way-too-verbal independent hooligan who will takeTass any opportunity to sneak out of the garden gate and into the expanse of the Chateau grounds to look for any woodland friend she can find.  All I see is her tail wagging nineteen to the dozen as she snorkels around the long grass or in the wood pile.  The other day she chased a bunny rabbit – who knows what she would do if she caught it, probably give it a hug and ask it for a play date – around the tractor shed which is not exactly small, about 5 meters by 30.  The bunny rabbit did a smart turn back to the wood pile, missing the Beloved’s feet by a centimeter, and Tass missed the turn altogether and went straight into the hedge leaving a Tass-shaped hole.  I must admit, it was really funny as the bunny rabbit almost strolled back to the wood pile laughing behind it’s paw.

But it’s Ted, dear sweet rescued from abuse Ted who walks around with a question mark above his head and is always up to some sort of nonsense. I always worry about him as he has Spina Bifida – a hole in his spine which has left him totally tail-less and weak in his back legs.  After endless visits to the Chiropractor in SA and a special diet, he is fine, but he used to need pain killers on a regular basis if he ran around too much.  Not anymore.  Ted has come a long way.  He is much thinner which is less strain on his joints and he can now
jump onto the bed and couch and even into the car with ease.  He loves the back of the tractor and can’t wait for a ride along the bumpy country road to the farmhouse.  When he sees the expanse of Chateau lawn he just can’t help himself and takes off like a bullet.  The funny thing is – he runs a short distance one direction, then changes to another and so on.  It’s almost as if he can’t remember which way he was going…and he does all with the biggest smile on his little face and his whole furry body just oozes joy.

But he is in disgrace.

TedThe Owner of the Chateau was here for a long weekend.  He bought his whippet (a beautiful pencil thin sleek gray pedigree) and his mom (a sprightly, very English lady of ninety-one).
Ted took one look at the whippet and took objection to him.  With a growl that would rival a Rottweiler, he went for him with all the venom he could muster.  The whippet took off and so did Ted.  Now whippets are known for their speed and are built for just that.  Ted is built for comfort.  He lasted about three minutes then decided it wasn’t worth using up so much energy, he would rather crouch down in the long grass and wait for his unsuspecting prey to come past.  Which he did and Ted pounced on him with the skill of a small round leopard.  The whippet took off again leaving Ted flaying around on his back.

The Owner was not that amused but accepted that Ted has “baggage” from his past and really meant no harm… ha!

Then if that wasn’t enough, the Owner and his Mom strolled ouTed and his strange wayst to the lawns in front of the fountain, tea in hand.  With great dignity the mom sat down on her chaise to relax in the warm sun and survey the newly planted roses and geraniums now in full flower.  Unknown to me, Ted was out searching for his Nemesis but spotted the dear lady instead.  He also spotted her settling onto her chair and even better, place her tea on the grass next to her.  In a flash, as fast as his furry body could go, Ted was there and before anything could be done, he had stuck his nose into the Spode China teacup and wolfed down the lot.

When I was told this, I didn’t actually know what to say.  To me – it was really funny but to burst out laughing didn’t seem quite right so I humbly apologised and explained that Ted just LOVES tea and can smell it a mile away.  I don’t think that helped.

I thought it best to keep the other incident to myself at that point.  A few days before they arrived, I went into the Chateau to make sure everything was ready for them and to open up the private suite for their arrival.  In the short time that the door to this private area was open, Ted was in and out, armed with a fur lined slipper which he plonked down in front of me with great pride.  I took it back only to discover him snuffling around in their wardrobe.

And now news has come in that he’s just gone into the Chateau and eaten the whippet’s special gourmet dinner….oh dear.

On a totally different note..the macarons have finally been conquered and came out perfectly the other day.  I thought it might have been a fluke so I immediately tried again..et voila!  Twice in a row.  I think you only have to get it right a few times before you start understanding what a good macaron mix should “feel” like…not really “look” like.  But I made orange ones with a dark chocolate and orange zest centre and they were absolutely delicious.  They are worth the trouble of trying them fourteen times without success and finally…FINALLY, they decided to grace me with a perfect batch.

I can stop letting them rule my every waking moment and move on to other things..the obsession is over..the Dear One is at peace!

So…Take care of each other and enjoy the week ahead, whatever plans and adventures you have

A la prochaine



About M

I am at heart and artist...which spills over into other areas apart from the pastels, pencils, paintbrush and paper. I love cooking, I love gardening and I love nature. Leaving South Africa to come to France was difficult, but an adventurous challenge and together with my husband and two furry friends, I manage to do all that I love and more while I walk the 'Footpath to France'.
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8 Responses to Ted in Disgrace

  1. Penny MacKenzie says:

    Poor little Teddy. Hope the Brits took it in good spirit. Regards Penny MacKenzie


  2. M says:

    Thanks Penny! I hope so too – specially that he went back inside just now and ate the whippets gourmet dinner! Love to you both x


  3. Deblet says:

    On my way Ted sounds like such a character!
    The macaroons look and sound delicious,well done.


  4. That dog is hilarious!!!


  5. Barbara Leroy says:

    Poor Ted. The macarons must be delicious. Hugs xxxx


  6. Lynne says:

    That’s our Ted, we wouldn’t want him any other way! We so miss him and Tass… You go boy and girl!


  7. Marion Fuchs says:

    as usual very amused about the antics of your “children” that’s why they are so very dear to us


  8. Loraine Hardwick says:

    Ha ha love it! My Benny used to run just like that, changing direction in mid flight. Well done one the macaroons!


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