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Mice, Moving men and Macarons

It seems a while since I sat in one place long enough to write .. so I’ve decided to steal some time in 15 minute increments and see how I go. The Owner of the Chateau has agreed that a … Continue reading

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There’s a chimney up my nose….

The brain does strange things when you’re learning a new language…at least mine does and I’ve now learnt that the Dear One’s does as well. When he was in South Africa, he spoke Afrikaans quite well.  When I was in … Continue reading

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…and oh my goodness even more mud…

So the husband hears the sound of shotguns nearby.  This is hunting season.  Now before you all go crazy and think that’s absolutely terrible call the SPCA, I must just tell you that it’s something you kind of grow to accept – … Continue reading

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