My husband and I had the opportunity of taking time out of life..a year to be exact…to look after a property in the heart of the French countryside of Brittany.  As a freelance artist, it was quite an easy and exciting prospect.  This is the diary of what led us here and how we got on…without knowing too much of the language.  From country mud to village markets…our pathway to France will prove to be a little daunting but never dull and always beautiful journey.

After a year, we were offered a job as Estate Manager, House Manager and Chefs in a Chateau in Normandy that is rented out to Tourists during the Summer.  We decided to take it and stay in France permanently.

I’d love you to join us in the mad-hatter journey, discovering a new world, learning a new language and settling in to a totally different way of life – From Cape Town to Normandy….

I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.


4 Responses to About

  1. Lorraine says:

    Morning! So glad you all arrived safe and sound. This blog is such a great idea, France sounds like a dream – it definately looks like a dream! All good in the house. The guinneas have got a little brave this morning (6am!) They have been shouting from the top of the wall looking into the garden (the brats!) They have driven the dogs insane and me moggy! I have decided they are no longer cute at 6am!! Take care Lx


    • M says:

      Lorraine I understand!! I used to be out the bedroom door, eyes closed, hair standing up, marching across the garden to shoo them off the wall! Whatever you do..don’t feed them..they marched inside the kitchen once to see why there was no food! That was years ago – I learned my lesson! Glad you’re settling in, lovely to have you following our mad adventure. Lots of love to you all x


  2. This is a lovely idea. Enjoyed your blog.

    My cousin’s grandmother had guineafowl at her place too: http://teagansbooks.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/tomato-brunch/


    • M says:

      Thanks Genevieve! Welcome to the Blog. I love hearing comments and happenings in other people’s lives so it’s great to hear from you!, Best regards M


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