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We’re all having a (hare) ball!

Water water everywhere!  And after the water (or during)…MUD!  It has rained and rained here for weeks.  Thirteen departments of France have been on flood alert, once again, the Louvre in Paris has emptied a few rooms of precious paintings, … Continue reading

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There’s a hare in my soup….

So as you can see, I’ve merged a blog I started about the addition of Thumper the Hare (thanks to the Dear One) into our lives.  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged on this sight for a while – things went … Continue reading

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Hare at Home at last…

I know I’ve been quiet…it wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it’s just that we went back home to SA for 3 weeks and it was a little difficult to give news about Thumps when I wasn’t there to gather any. … Continue reading

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Cheffing Shambles and Fireworks

Our first Summer season of guests at the Chateau has been interesting to say the least…not to mention a little scary, a lot frantic and hugely chaotic. This is going to be a marathon blog as a lot has happened … Continue reading

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Energy? I remember having that…

My goodness me what a whirl the last few weeks have been but we are in the cottage and we have 24/7 internet access!!!! Yay!! First of all, there we were still frantically trying to put up plaster board (the … Continue reading

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An Ode To A Colombage Cottage in Normandy…

It starts with just a little hole Within a wall or beam You reach out to have a feel Are things really as they seem? You get the ladder to have a look And inspect it with your hand It … Continue reading

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Elephants are Chewy…..

I can’t believe we’ve been here for just on a month.  It’s been an interesting four weeks to say the least. Things here have been SO busy and a little …maybe unusual is a good word.  We had to stay … Continue reading

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