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We’re all having a (hare) ball!

Water water everywhere!  And after the water (or during)…MUD!  It has rained and rained here for weeks.  Thirteen departments of France have been on flood alert, once again, the Louvre in Paris has emptied a few rooms of precious paintings, … Continue reading

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the travelling pants….

It’s been a “happening week”. First of all, the Tartiflette was absolutely delicious and to tell you the truth, it was a cold night, it smelt realy good and I was hungry.  When it came out of the oven, it … Continue reading

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…and oh my goodness even more mud…

So the husband hears the sound of shotguns nearby.  This is hunting season.  Now before you all go crazy and think that’s absolutely terrible call the SPCA, I must just tell you that it’s something you kind of grow to accept – … Continue reading

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the beauty of ice and mud…and shopping!

It’s been really chilly with the most amazing frost and a smattering of snow…just a smattering…nothing really landed on the ground…just settled on the roof of the main house across the lake.  We went for our usual walk with the … Continue reading

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