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There’s a hare in my soup….

So as you can see, I’ve merged a blog I started about the addition of Thumper the Hare (thanks to the Dear One) into our lives.  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged on this sight for a while – things went … Continue reading

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Hare at Home at last…

I know I’ve been quiet…it wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it’s just that we went back home to SA for 3 weeks and it was a little difficult to give news about Thumps when I wasn’t there to gather any. … Continue reading

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An Ode To A Colombage Cottage in Normandy…

It starts with just a little hole Within a wall or beam You reach out to have a feel Are things really as they seem? You get the ladder to have a look And inspect it with your hand It … Continue reading

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How to eat an Elephant….

Assuming that you’d want to, and that there is elephant on the menu…just how do you go about eating one?  And as an aside..why on earth would you want to? The thing is..Elephant has been put on a plate in … Continue reading

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Well when things go pear shaped they do indeed go wrong! We thought we’d got most things covered as far as the mutts go and going off to live in the UK.  Ok so things didn’t quite work out with … Continue reading

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Anabal and Hairdressers…

Anabal and I have been getting on really well!  I’ve driven her around quite a few times and we not longer have too many issues.  I feel a bit more confident and she’s probably over the moon that I don’t … Continue reading

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Blackberries, worms and bartering…..

There’s a definite feel of Autumn in the air…an “autumnal” feel…I love that word!.  The blackberries have ripened and the hedgerows are laden, a lovely combination of ripe bright shiny black and ripening rosy red…another painting of nature.  Of course … Continue reading

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